31 May 2011

About this site

Posted by dap

I’m a software engineer in San Francisco, California. I took up photography as a hobby in late 2009, and have been steadily learning as much as I can, both technically and artistically. I also really enjoy exploring the Bay Area, particularly the hills of San Francisco.

This blog has two main categories: Techniques and Places.

Techniques is where I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned technically and artistically in hopes it might help other budding amateur photographers out there. I intend to focus not on basic, broad concepts whose fundamentals are covered in tons of books and web sites, but rather on thoughtful technique: how you go about taking good photos. (For example, I won’t cover topics like what various camera modes do, but rather how those modes affect the way you take pictures.) I hope to see others share their own lessons learned too.

Places is where I’ll document great places to walk and shoot outdoors, especially in the Bay Area. I’ve often wished there was a good collection of such places with photos to see what they look like, but I don’t know of any such site.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful. I’d love to get your feedback! You can mail me, dave, at davepacheco dot net.

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