25 Jun 2011

Fort Funston

Posted by dap

Location: Fort Funston Rd,
San Francisco

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More info: Official site
Bay Area Hiker
Highlights: Hanggliders
Beautiful view of coast
Easy, paved walking trails
Lots of dog walkers
Parking: Large free lot (but popular)
Fees: None

Hang glider at Fort Funston

Fort Funston is definitely worth a visit for an easy stroll along the coastal bluffs, especially when it’s nice, windy weather for hang gliding. Actually, just watching the hang gliders taking off at close range is an exciting experience. Just off the parking lot is an observation deck with a great view of the launch point and beautiful views up and down the coast:

Hang glider taking off at Fort Funston

There aren’t a lot of long walking trails here (1.5 miles, according to Bay Area Hiker), but what’s there is nice. The paved road gently winds up the coast and loops back. You’ll probably see lots of other people, their dogs, and hang gliders. I’m told there are beautiful wildflowers along most of the trails, but we didn’t see much of that when we went.

For photography: it’s easy to get great action shots of hang gliders, but it’s deceptively hard to take great photos of beautiful vistas. If you’re up for that challenge, there are plenty of nice vantage points.

View from Fort Funston

The old military structures make for some interesting photos, too:

Military structures at Fort Funston

I’d only brought my 35mm prime with me the day I went, but I’ll definitely be coming back with both my wide lens and tele!

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