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About me

I grew up in Cumberland, Rhode Island but now live in San Francisco, California.  I’m a software engineer at Joyent.

Photography is my hobby.  I’ve been casually interested since middle school, but I really picked it up seriously (as a hobby) in late 2009.  Since then I’ve tried to learn as much as possible about both the technical and artistic sides of it (the latter being a great exercise for the other half of my brain).

I really enjoy exploring the Bay Area, particularly San Francisco’s hills.  Unlike where I grew up in New England, it’s common in San Francisco to find multiple elevated perspectives on the same geographic area (i.e., viewing The Mission from Bernal Hill, Corona Heights, and Twin Peaks).

About this site

As I mentioned, I love finding interesting new spots in San Francisco.  I’ve always wished there was a list of them somewhere including photos of what they look like, so I decided to start cataloguing the ones I’ve found here.

I also use this site to cover my thoughts on photography, particularly photographic techniques.  I’ve learned a lot in my study of the subject, and while much of the basics can be found in books and web sites all over the place, it’s harder to find in-depth discussions of more advanced concepts.  I’ll be posting some of those here as well.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful. I’d love to get your feedback! You can mail me, dave, at davepacheco dot net.